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Very often individuals and family members have many questions about Mental Health and Autism Spectrum Conditions. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions asked of our team by family members and other community groups.

Q: Who are we?

A: Advocates for Personal Potential (APP) Training Services, was established in 2004 to take the existing models of person centredness within the mental health area to a new level. We have successfully addressed the needs of other socially excluded groups using this approach.

Q: What we do?

A: We provide a community based support service for people with Mental Health difficulties and Autism Spectrum Conditions. This is delivered through our "Making Connections" programme with programme content being specific to individual needs and aspirations.

Q: How long is the Making Connections Programme?

A: The programme is usually 18 to 24 months duration however through our regular programme reviews additional time may be available on a case by case basis.

Q: Do I attend the Making Connections Programme every day?

A: No. Our programme will work alongside other commitments you may have and further support you in areas you have an interest in. You will be given opportunities to develop your plans independently and/or with supports. As a result the programme may be delivered in a variety of environments in community settings, at home or in APP premises.

Q: What's my role on the programme?

A: It is important that you are committed to the programme and are in a position to make changes in areas of your life. You will work closely with APP staff on a one-to-one basis to identify goals and guide the development and delivery of your future plans.

Q: What is our facilitator's role on the programme?

A: APP staff commits to assisting and enhancing your capacity through developing a futures plan based on your hopes, dreams and preferences on how you envisage your life. Confidentiality will also be upheld at all times.

Q: Will I meet others?

A: This is really up to you. You will have opportunities to meet up with other members on the programme if you wish and in your own time. This may arise either through organised events or through meeting up with those who have similar interests to you, where you can organise and plan activities together.

Q: How do I get there? Where do I have to go?

A: Our current service delivery involves a large geographical area across the North West region. (Counties Donegal, North Leitrim/Sligo). It is possible that we may already be working within your area. Once we have had the opportunity to meet up with and you are interested in getting involved, we will discuss this further.

Q: How can I get on to the programme?

A: Requirements:

  • Age Profile Mental Health - over 18 years, Autism Spectrum Conditions - over 18 years
  • Have an appropriate diagnosis
  • Contact with our service can be made through personnel within the Mental Health Service, Community Mental Health Teams, Autism Service, your GP, Social Worker or any other relevant HSE service that you are involved with.
  • be registered with the Training and Occupational Support Service (HSE).

You can also choose to make direct contact with us and we can assist you with the process involved.

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Mission Statement

APP was designed to assist individuals in achieving, maintaining and maximising their potential in accordance with the principals of person centredness.

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