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“I believe that I now understand myself better, I’d like to think that I have matured as a person by being involved with the service.” - Programme Member

“Some new things I try or want to try can be scary and make me anxious but I have had supports to make it easier for me.” - Programme Member

“I have been given much needed support and understanding which has given me the confidence to look at areas within my life.” - Programme Member

“Staff have helped me both in terms of information and motivation to set goals. The levels of personal support when required is excellent.” - Programme Member

“Staff have encouraged me and I feel better now about myself. I can talk to them and they listen to me. We have experienced real hands on support for our son.” - Parent

“The greatest change has been in the last year, our son is much happier now and that has been also as a result of us learning how to understand him better.” - Parent

“Staff take the time to get to know our son what he likes and doesn’t like. They also spend time getting to know us. He has come a long way, he has matured and learned more about himself.” - Parent
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Mission Statement

APP was designed to assist individuals in achieving, maintaining and maximising their potential in accordance with the principals of person centredness.

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